Friday, February 26, 2010

Providian credit card

There are many credit cards in the market today. But as a wise consumer, you shouldn’t just apply for any credit card that comes your way. Every credit card has its own features. And each one of them charges a different interest rate. When applying for a credit card, you have to look into the fine print before putting your signature into it.

You have to consider your needs. Even before applying for a credit card, you have to know your real purpose why you want to own one. Will you use it for shopping? To finance trips abroad? Or is it going to be used solely for emergency cash purchases? There are credit cards suited to your very needs. You have to make sure that you get the best deals possible.

Choose a credit card wisely and you’ll be able to maximize its benefits. And you can prevent being deep in debt as well. It all lies on the proper usage of your credit line. It is best to own a credit card and enjoy using it other than regretting why you ever got it in the first place, just because you suddenly had a pile of debt to pay.

In 2002, the agency announced a then-record $240 million predatory lending settlement involving Citigroup's giant subprime units, and covering no fewer than 2 million customers. Since then the ftc has brought no major consumer lending cases. Zero. The last such case brought by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, against Providian National Bank, came in 2000.

How to raise my credit limit?
(1). You can call your bank or credit card company to ask for an increase on your credit limit every 6 months. (you will have a better chance to get an increase if you just returned a big amount of money recently)
(2). You can ask for an credit limit increase if you are planning to buy big stuffs (like computer, DC, DV, etc).
(3). Use the credit cards from MBNA, AMEX, CHASE or PROVIDIAN. These credit card companies are generous with their credit limit.

You can buy videogames online, or pay for subscriptions, contribute to the sites you visit or make donations. You can actually “put” clothes in a virtual shopping cart and make the purchase. But, do you have any clue about what goes on whenever you place the number of your credit card on the blanks and check out of the virtual store with your purchases? The process that takes place when you hit the “buy” button is called an online credit card transaction.