Friday, February 26, 2010

Credit card counseling

If your credit is decent, you can arrange a debt consolidation loan through a credit card balance transfer, personal loan, or home equity loan without involving a credit card counseling service. You can also negotiate for lower interest rates directly, simply by calling your credit card company and asking.

As Brown says, the entire system is perverse, and instead of wasting money prosecuting low-income workers, Congress could simplify the tax credit and spend its time going after the corporations robbing the country of $340 billion a year—an amount, keep in mind, that could essentially close the federal budget deficit. Not that the Republicans in Congress are planning anything of the sort, but still.

Professional Free Credit Counseling
If you've tried all of the above on your own without success or feel you need professional help, you can find it free. Many reputable counseling agencies offer free counseling for those in serious need. They may also provide free education materials and budgeting forms.

A bad credit is like an incurable disease. It is better to prevent it and very difficult to cure it. You need a good doctor and this is just what ‘credit counseling’ does.

The process of credit counseling works by advising customers about how they can avoid bad debt, i.e. how they can avoid incurring debts that they cannot pay off. It is popularly called as debt counseling in the United Kingdom.